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Kejal Ashra

Senior PR Consultant

About Me

I’m Kejal. Thanks for visiting my site. I specialise in travel & lifestyle PR, working with brands such as Samsung, Hilton and Rosewood Hotels. Outside of work I practice calligraphy, mindfulness, and adore travelling.

– K. Ashra


Communications consultant

My expertise goes beyond traditional public relations. I have extensive experience in influencer marketing and brand building, as well as brand strategy and insight. I’m a curious, creative person with a flair – and passion - for event management. I enjoy planning and project management too.

Creativity is important in my personal and professional life. The beautiful city of London inspires me.
I attained a first class honours in PR and have almost a decade of experience for big consumer brands such as Hilton, eBay and British Gas.
Creating campaigns that evoke emotion is what gets me up in the morning. Getting coverage still gets me excited!
Experienced in communications, digital marketing and influencer relations. I understand what makes millennials tick, and advise brands to engage with them in authentic ways.

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